Effectively Cleaning Your Sisal Rug

This type of rug is made of natural fibers that come from the Agave sisalana plant. The material is very durable and is also strong and flexible. When cleaning your sisal rug, there are two effective ways in which to do so but it does need to be cleaned with care. This is so the quality can be maintained for many years. Cleaning it with care will also help the rug not to lose its shine, luster, and not shrink.

Spill cleaning

Spills will happen no matter how you try to prevent it. A spill can leave an unsightly spot on the rug, attracting a lot of dust and dirt to this area. What was once an easy job to wipe up has now become one that is more difficult.

• Take a few paper towels and blot the area of the spill. Once you have spilled blotted up use a sponge and apply little portions of carpet shampoo or diluted detergent mixed with warm water. Get the paper towel wet but not saturated. If it is too wet, it could stain the rug further. Lay the damp paper towel on the spill and then let set for five to ten minutes in order to collect the ingredients of the spill, and then brush over it lightly to collect the dirt. Take more paper towels to blot the carpet to remove any excess water. Use a hair dryer or fan to dry the carpet. This is the method to use for most general spots.

• Oil based stain-after drying these stains is prone to becoming crusted over. One type of oil base stains is nail polish, which needs to be cleaned in a different way. The first step is lightly scrape the residue of the substances from the carpet with a steel or metal object. You need to make sure that you are doing this lightly and with extreme care so the carpet threads do not start to come off. Once you have scraped the residue off use a clean white cloth that is damp and has a dry cleaning agent on it. Gently clean the spot so the residue dissolves and you can pick up the residue with the cloth. Once you have all the residue up allow the carpet to dry.


You should vacuum your rug regularly to get the deep dirt out from the various layers. When you use your vacuum, make sure that you use the strong suction pipe attachment. The pressure will help to dislodge any heavily embedded dirt and help to build future build up. When you keep the build up from occurring, it makes rug cleaning easier and not a cumbersome task.

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