The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Prepaid Gas And Electricity

Prepayment meters have become very popular today and many people are now using them for their electricity and gas. This is a plan that means consumers pay for energy before they actually use it. It functions the same way prepaid mobile phone services work so when you run out of credit you need to top up otherwise your gas or electricity supply is switched off.

Different energy companies offer different type of prepayment meters with the key meters being one of the options that you have. These are meters that come with keys that are electronically coded specifically for your meter and has your tariff information. There are also smart card meters, which work by downloading energy usage information and sending it to your supplier when you top up. Token meters are the third type of prepayment meters even though they are slowly dying out in some areas. Some use cards while others make it possible for you to buy tokens directly from your mobile wallet to continue enjoying the energy.

The advantages

· Prepaid gas and electricity comes with the advantage of managing your energy consumption. When you pay for energy you can afford at that particular moment, you are able to limit your usage so that it lasts for the period you want.

· The meters make it possible for you to tell when you are misusing your energy, hence you can easily come up with measures that cut on your consumption. They make it even easier for homeowners to tell how energy efficient new and existing appliances are so they can make any necessary changes.

· The prepaid option saves you from unexpected high bills. This is because you only use what you have paid for and you therefore do not have to worry about the bills at the end of the month.

· They save you from estimates that can end up overcharging you. This is because the prepayment meters do not require any meter reading for you to be billed.

· You can still take advantage of tariff rates if you have a compatible prepayment meter. It simply means you can determine your prices depending on when you decide to use your electricity.

The disadvantages

· Most of the prepayment meters are single rate, meaning that you pay the same for electricity and gas regardless of what time you use it. It is a plan that can therefore be more expensive in terms of energy supply.

· The meters can sometimes be inconveniencing because you need to be keen and have credit at all times to avoid disconnection when you least expect. This means that you need to have everything in order even when you are sick to avoid disconnection.

The advantages of prepayment meters outweigh the disadvantages and it might be a good idea to consider having them installed. Some energy companies are now phasing out the old meters and embracing the prepayment meters and you can easily make a switch if you feel they are the best option for your energy needs around the home.

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