The easiest way to find the right vinyl flooring contractor is through recommendations or asking someone in your network. Your friends and acquaintances can give you an honest opinion of what it is like to work with the contractor and their experience.

But once you have identified a prospective vinyl flooring contractor, you must do your due diligence to ensure that they are the proper fit for the job. This guide looks at the critical questions to ask your vinyl flooring contractor when conducting your research.

How long have you installed luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring installation is very different from other flooring installations, so it requires professionals with a different skill set. That is why you should ask about the experience of your residential flooring contractor. One of the ways to assess the contractor’s experience is to look at the number of years they have been in the industry- the more the years, the greater the experience. You can also look at their previous projects if you can visit them.

Are you well skilled in subflooring preparation for luxury vinyl installation?

Luxury vinyl flooring can be complicated to install, and the subfloor preparation affects the longevity and quality of the final flooring. Note that remodeling flooring projects are not similar to newly built floors. Remodeling projects are more likely to have poor subfloors than new projects, so the flooring contractor must be well skilled in evaluating the conditions of the subfloor to prepare it adequately before the luxury vinyl flooring installation.

Does the installation cost include subfloor preparation?

In most cases, vinyl flooring specialists estimate the cost of a project based on the materials and labor costs and then quote the subfloor prepping costs separately once the contractor is on site. When looking at different quotes, keep in mind that the subfloor prep costs may not be included, and you should enquire about that before making your final decision.

What is the time estimate for the flooring installation?

Based on the complexity of the subfloor preparation, which may take the most time, your vinyl flooring contractor should be able to roughly estimate how long the project will take. In most cases, luxury vinyl flooring contractors recommend waiting for a minimum of 24hours without foot traffic and 72hours without heavy traffic on the flooring.

Do you offer a warranty?

One of the ways to know if you are dealing with a reputable vinyl flooring contractor is to inquire about their service warranty. A reputable residential flooring contractor believes in their work and will be more than ready to offer a service warranty. Ensure you ask what the warranty includes and get it in writing.

What are my responsibilities?

You should also enquire about what the contractor expects you to do during the flooring installation. For instance, they may require you to move the furnishings out of the project area, or they can do it at a fee. Being on the same page is good to avoid inconveniences during work.

In conclusion

The answers to the questions discussed above will help you identify the right vinyl flooring contractor who will meet your expectations.

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