Steps in Maintaining a Laminate or Tile Flooring

Tiles and laminated flooring are becoming a preference these days. These are chosen over similar products because it is economical and gives out the same effect as their counterparts.

Laminate or tile flooring needs some care and attention for it to last a lifetime. Although cleaning these types of flooring is as easy as pie, there are still some things to consider and to remember before proceeding with cleaning it.

Here are the things you should do or not do when cleaning laminated or tiled floors.

1. Never wax nor polish the floor. Some waxes have ingredients that could destroy the outer layers of the tile. This layer is its protective layer against dust and moisture. If it is removed, then dirt could creep in and stick.

2. Vacuum will do for normal cleaning. For your everyday cleaning requirements, you would just need to vacuum the laminated floor or tile and that’s it. Sweeping should always be done prior to vacuuming.

3. Use a mop with soft cloth. So as not to scratch the surface, always use mops with soft materials attached to it. Also, make sure the mop is not dripping. Always wring it out because excessive water is not necessary.

4. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scrubbing pads, or scouring powder. As stated earlier, laminated floors have protective coverings. Abrasive materials will not help clean the floor, it would ruin it.

5. Use floor protectors or pads under furniture legs, especially chairs. Chairs are always moved from place to place. Always check if the furniture legs and chairs are not causing scratches on the floor.

6. Place doormats at entryways. Doormats would collect dirt and grit stuck in the shoes. It would also absorb moisture off it. Placing one on every door is a good idea so that people coming in won’t leave irremovable dirt sticking to the floor.

7. Use only recommended cleaners for your laminated floors and tiles. Each manufacturer will suggest to you a cleaner that works well with their products. It is a smart idea to go with these cleaners than to try others that could be harmful to the floor.

8. Learn how to use flooring touch-up kits. There are repair kits available for tiles and laminated flooring. Better know how to use it so that minor problems can be easily repaired before it become worse.

9. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing a single board. There are times that the damage on your floor cannot be repaired and replacing the whole board is necessary. When doing so, check out what the manufacturer’s instructions are. If you are not sure about it, better ask a professional to do the job.

10. Keep your warranty. Laminate floors and tiles have manufacturer’s warranties upon installation. These would ensure that your floor is protected from any defects and would perform to the maximum. Always conform to the warranty conditions.

These are few ways you can do to lengthen the lifespan of your laminated floors and tiles. Although these can be easily replaced and is relatively cheaper, it is not wise to just let it be and not take care of it.

Your home will look new and appealing if its floor is clean and well-maintained. Always leave a good impression with your guests. Start with a shiny, beautiful floor!

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