Get the Most Out of Your Greenhouse This Summer

Utilising your greenhouse is a fantastic way to live off the land this Summer and grow some beautiful plants for your garden. If you were wondering how to get the most out of your greenhouse this year you’ve landed in the right place.


Having the right cleaning tools to maintain your garden and your greenhouse is the best place to begin. These tools are aimed at making the up-keep very simple yet effective.

Darlac Gutter Cleaning Brush: This form of cleaning equipment is a fantastic tool for clearing out the gutters to prevent blockages as it’s the perfect shape to suit your guttering.

Darlac Swop Top Soft Brush: Ideal for a more delicate surface this brush goes hand in hand with a Spiral Flow Hose and Soap Dispenser which delivers the water and detergent straight to the head and through the bristles.

Automatic Watering Systems

An automatic watering system in your greenhouse gives you the ability to water your plants even when you’re away from home to avoid leaving the plants being neglected and unhealthy as unlike plants in the garden that can benefit from the rain, your plants are protected from all weather conditions.

Water Reservoir: A water reservoir is a simple but fantastic design for watering your plants on a capillary mat, this simple design attaches to the end of a shelf or bench and is a very cost-effective way of keeping your plants hydrated at all times.

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Fixing and Accessories

There are a huge range of fixing and accessories available for example, clips and supports will allow you to use your greenhouse to its full potential as well as enable you to make all those essential running repairs. Ensuring your plants have the best start means you need to make their indoor habitat in tip top condition before they venture into the garden.

Clips and Supports: It never hurts to have spare clips and supports to make sure you’re prepared for any repair work you may need to undertake to get the most out of your greenhouse. Band Clips are stainless steel, sprung glazing clips designed to securely hold glass or other types of greenhouse glazing in most aluminium frameworks. Equally as important, all aluminium fixing supports have been designed as a useful extra for the greenhouse, to provide very strong tying and hanging points where you need them.


The perfect ventilation system is achieved through a combination of roof vents, louvre vents, greenhouse doors and fans. In order for your crops to thrive, finding the perfect balance in ventilation is key to providing the best temperature and humidity in the air. Running your greenhouse and keeping it well ventilated with the correct level of humidity is not easy.

Keep your plants surrounded by a consistent flow of air with the use of a good fan without blowing air directly towards them. Generally speaking, you will look to increase the flow of air if the humidity in the greenhouse is too high, however it is important to have a good balance of air regardless of the level of humidity.

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Taking it back to basics, it’s not always possible to achieve the perfect humidity through an automated system as these can be expensive and usually only used for commercial purposes.

High humidity: Keep an eye on the temperature inside your greenhouse. If you can see this reaching a high level, you need to increase the ventilation. Keep checking the temperature and adjust the ventilation where necessary.

Low humidity: Your plants will struggle to thrive if their atmosphere is too dry. A simple trick to increase the humidity inside your greenhouse is to place buckets of water in the corners which will gradually evaporate into the air as the temperature warms through the day, your plants will begin to rise and use the moisture in the air to revive.

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