How to determine carpet quality

Carpet shopping can be difficult because it is hard for average shoppers to determine the quality of a carpet by simply looking at it. Carpet quality is not always obvious. To truly determine the quality of carpet , it is important to understand and consider all characteristics.

Here is a list that explains the factors that influence a carpet’s overall performance. It is important to not look at any one factor in isolation. It is the right mix of all factors that will give you the best performance, durability, longevity.

Face Weight

Carpet face weight refers to the carpet’s weight per square yard, in ounces. Face weight is so popular that many carpet consumers believe it is the best way of determining a carpet’s durability.

Although it is easy to think that a heavier carpet will be more durable, there are many factors that can influence its weight.

Carpet Density

Carpet density is the distance between the fibers that are tufted into the backing. This formula is used to calculate it. Comparing carpets with different densities but identical in other ways (same type of fiber, same style, etc.) is possible. A carpet with a higher density value is more durable.

Fiber Twist

It is often overlooked, but it is one the best indicators for carpet quality. The fiber twist is the number of times the fiber strands have been twisted together. It is measured to within one inch of the fiber. This is called a carpet’s twist number, or sometimes turns-per-inch (TPI).

It is very easy to do this yourself. Take a length of carpet fiber one inch long and count the number of turns. To get the twist number, measure the fiber to the nearest inch and count the twists.

Types of Fiber

Carpet’s quality is directly affected by the type of fiber it is made from. Different fibers are different and each type of fiber has its own characteristics. Some fibers work better in particular situations than others.

Synthetic carpet fibers are nylon, polypropylene, triexta, and olefin (polypropylene). Although sisal and wool are less commonly used, they still play an important role in the carpet industry.

Manufacturer Warranty

All carpets come with a manufacturer’s warranty. It can be confusing to grasp what warranty terms like “texture retention”, “abrasive wear” or “exclusions” mean.

Style of Carpet

It can have an impact on the performance of the carpet’s style. Saxony, Berber and frieze are the most popular residential carpet styles. Each style of carpet can be found in different qualities. However, some styles are better suited to high traffic areas.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for carpet. Many shoppers find it overwhelming and confusing. It is easy to get lost in the details of how to choose your carpet. I highly recommend speaking with your carpet sales representative about your household and asking for their recommendations. The majority of carpet sales professionals like Ultimate Mats  will be able to tell you which carpets are best and which ones can be afforded. You will also be able recognize the truth from the salesperson’s claims and not be misled.

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