How to optimize your own professional indoor playground 2022?

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Have you guys ever thought of optimizing your own professional indoor playground with the help of any trampoline park supplier or indoor playground equipment supplier? We have customized this article specifically for the professionals who are planning to optimize their own indoor playground by adding some most 5 amazing tips. Here we are.

Shade structure

Shade structures can be a huge asset in attracting children. These shade structures can be a built-in part of the play structure or a free-standing shade structure that covers the entire playground. Playgrounds under shade structures look new and longer than those exposed to the sun. Ask your trampoline park supplier or any indoor play equipment supplier to add a shade structure with your other amenities.


Playground surfacing is another that can often be overlooked when designing a playground. However, the availability of different surfacing materials, colors, and patterns allows a more professional touch to be creative and pull the whole look together. Also, keep in mind, the various surfacing materials and designs require different depths to be compliant with safety standards, so make sure to check with a knowledgeable playground contractor.

Rest Areas- also look for it

Rest areas sound a bit odd in a playground area. But adding such picnic tables and benches may not be the most exciting part of the playground but they are important. They give children areas to rest and parents places to sit and watch their children play. Also one should add this kind of facility before planning the whole amenity. Also as a professional ask your trampoline park supplier or playground equipment supplier to include the rest area in your design as well.


Amenities like trash receptacles are another part of the play area that can often be overlooked. Properly placed, playground trash cans and recycling containers enhance the beauty of your setting by providing visitors with a way to dispose of trash.


One can think about this topic in the points listed below.

  • Look out for tripping hazards.
  • Make sure elevated surfaces, like ramps, have guardrails to prevent falls.
  • Check that protective surfacing extends at approximately 6 feet in all directions from play equipment.
  • Make sure play structures more than 30 to 40 inches high are spaced at least 9 feet apart

Do ask your trampoline park supplier or indoor play equipment supplier to keep these tiny but more effective points in mind to make your business flourish at a higher rate.

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