Home Inspection – Understanding the Basics

The process of having a home inspection performed is a serious aspect in evaluating the overall value of your home in addition to the amount of money required to bring it up to code. Inspections should be taken very seriously, and homeowners should take the time to prepare themselves for the road ahead. In this article we will run you through the steps to come.

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Step 1 – Find yourself a reputable company to perform the home inspection. Many people have luck finding companies through their real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or attorney’s. Ask them for companies that they have dealt with in the past to obtain a list of candidates.

Step 2 – Once you have a solid list in front of you, it’s time to get your research in. Evaluate each company and compare factors such as pricing, services offered, and other information made available.

Step 3 – Inquire to find out what type of report you will receive from the company. Quality companies generally provide clients with documentation outlining the home inspection after it has been completed. Higher end companies will sometimes offer even further specifics, including maps, recommended upgrades, and potential costs.

Step 4 – Discuss your situation with a representative who works for one of the companies you’re interested in working with. The staff should be friendly, well educated, and able to answer most of your questions. You should be comfortable speaking with the representative and feel confident in their ability to address your concerns and questions.

Step 5 – Know what to expect during the process. In this way, you will be able to ensure the process goes smoothly, and that nothing is left out.

Step 6 – Prior to your home inspection date, write down a list of questions to pose. Make sure you are thorough, and that the answers you receive adequately address your concern.

Step 7 – Make certain you, or a family member is present during throughout the appointment. While you don’t have to be right over their shoulder the entire time, it is important to have a first hand look at the process and be available to write down any pertinent information.

Step 8 – Be sure to take notes throughout the appointment. This will come in handy later on, allowing you to compare your notes with the report you are provided. Be sure each aspect is covered.

Step 9 – Obtain a receipt. If you find yourself with issues down the road, you will want to prove that you paid, and the appointment did indeed occur.

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