Cleaning Up for Spring

When winter has finally released us from her icy grip, many of us turn to spring cleaning. You can get the windows open again, declutter the house and get some of those jackets and coats put away. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house, however as the garden and yard could use some attention after the last frost has passed. If you did a good job of the fall cleanup in the yard, the spring one should be a pleasure…

Getting the flower bed annual ready means you have to first take up all the debris and leaves that may have landed there through the winter. If you used leaves for added protection around shrubs and trees in the fall, this will be the time you need to pick them all up and make sure the space around the trees and shrubs has ample air flow and freedom once again.

This is also the time to get rid of any branches that may have become damaged over the winter. Whether it’s a perennial or a major tree, getting that diseased or damaged limb off will allow the plant to grow unhindered.

Spring is also a great time to aerate the soil in the yard. Usually you hire someone to do that for you, but you can also get attachments for your shoes that allow you to aerate as you walk around. This makes sure all the grass roots get air and sunlight and it helps to loosen up the dirt that makes up the yard. After this you will want to over seed if you didn’t in the fall (or if you want to again) and concentrate on those patches that need help before the hot sun arrives in summer. If you get that grass to start growing when it is still relatively cool out you are in business!

Clean off the porch step, take down any cobwebs that may have accumulated, brush off the leaves and debris and wash your welcome mats and you are on your way to a spring cleaned yard and front of house. Another thing to think about is cleaning out the eavestroughs of any leaves and dirt before the spring rain hits. A clean gutter is a good gutter, after all. If water can’t get to the downspouts you will be faced with quite a mess.

Have fun and get out into the spring air, after a hard winter, you deserve it!

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