How to Handle a Raccoon Infestation

The evidence is not very hard to find. Raccoons leave behind obvious clues that give away their presence. Paw prints, droppings, rummaged trash, and more are all signs that suggest you may have raccoons in or around your house. It is vital to act fast when you are faced with possible raccoon problems. Raccoons are intelligent and mischievous critters that are relentless when it comes to hunting for food and shelter. If they are already inside your home, they are creating a huge mess and possible structural damages. If the raccoons are still outside, then use this time to keep them out with basic raccoon prevention. Continue reading to learn how to handle a raccoon infestation problem, inside and outside of your home.

Raccoons on your Property

Raccoons will leave behind a trail of hints, giving you information on their habits and nesting location. As mentioned before, paw prints are a huge indication of raccoon invasion. If you come across some, try to inspect the trail and see where it leads. This can tell you one of two things; first, where the raccoons are coming from, or where they are going every day. These clues can help determine what is attracting the raccoons to your property. Most of the time, garbage cans left outside are the number one attraction for wild animals, especially raccoons. They have become well aware of the bountiful meals trash cans can offer.

Another attraction is pet food. Many pet owners will leave dog food, or bowls of pet food, outside on their patios and driveways. This is a huge treat for raccoons. They will remember a property that has a consistent food source like pet food and garbage. Remove these main attractions and witness the decline in mysterious paw prints on your porch.

Raccoons in the Attic or On the Roof

Raccoons that have made their way into a home can cause a significant amount of damage. The combination of their urine, droppings, and feeding debris creates a odorous mess that can take weeks to clean and repair. Raccoons are known to chew through electrical wiring in attics, dig up roof shingles, soak ceilings and walls with urine, and breed inside crawl spaces. As soon as you are aware that there are raccoons in your home, you must call a professional raccoon removal and control company immediately. The quicker the problem can be removed, the more likely you can reduce repair costs.

Trust a local raccoon control business that have many years of experience. This is what sets apart professional animal control specialist. Experience allows a person to accurately and efficiently remove and prevent raccoons, without harming them in any way.

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