Tips to Get Rid of Crows!

You must be annoyed by how often crows keep coming into your space. Well, most of them are not there for any good. Crows can spoil your vegetables and also any other items you have kept in your personal open space. If you love gardening, then this is something you would want to read.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of crows:

1. Block access – Bird netting is a thing and you should definitely try it. If you have small plants then bird netting will block access for crows and other birds too. They will not destroy any plants. In case, you have long crops then netting could be a task. There are less chances you will be able to put a large net.

2. Threaten them – By this, we do not mean kill or shoot them. That is a crime. There is a special sonic bird repellent that emits a sound which keeps birds 1 acre away.

3. Scare crows – This method only works if the scarecrow is designed properly. Make sure it looks real and is wearing clothes to bring that feel. Also, keep in mind that the hands should keep moving in order to shoo away the birds and other animals.

4. Stale taste – There are sprays and liquids which do not destroy any plants and crops but when sprayed or poured around leave a certain fragrance which birds do not like and this way they will not come near your space at all.

5. Keep clean – If you throw too much food in trash, then crows will come to that area. So, keep your trash cans covered and put the food in a separate bag and tie it up and then throw it in the bin. And crows and other birds generally come to hunt for food during the day. If there is something in your trash can in the night, it surely isn’t a bird.

We know that you keep wondering as to how to get rid of crows? But it isn’t all that difficult after all. Follow these easy steps instead of wondering and spoiling your crops. A liquid solution is an effective method tried by many. So, buy one of those and if that doesn’t work, you have 4 other options. These options are the most effective and right solution to get rid of crows in a more humane manner.

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