Plumbing System Maintenance Is Necessary For Better Health

It might seem that plumbers are unnecessary because it is easy to unclog the sink or install new faucets. When was the last time you had to call a plumber?

You won’t realize how important plumbers are until you have to deal with a plumbing issue.

We don’t think it is wrong that you feel that way. We understand that it happens with all of our plumber Turramurra professionals.

Here are some facts and trivia about plumbing that will help you see the importance of the job.


Cross-contamination occurs when pipes carrying wastewater and pipes carrying clean water join. This could cause serious problems and pose health risks. It is important to have a professional plumber install the system. They will ensure that there are no air gaps, physical separations and that all building codes are followed. Routine plumbing maintenance is a good way to prevent cross-contamination and keep your water safe.

Lead Pipes

You may not have known that lead pipes can cause serious health problems for a family. Plumbing materials that are lead corrode can allow the lead to enter the water supply. The lead content in drinking water can have a significant impact on human health. It can cause learning and behavior problems in children as well as slow growth. If your home was built decades ago and has lead pipes in it, you should contact a plumber to have the pipes checked for health.

Blockage Of Drains

Mold and bacteria thrive in clogged drains. All of these elements can cause respiratory problems and infections. Either trap can be installed to catch hair and food scraps before they reach the drain or you can seek out a professional plumber to find a solution. You must be careful when using your plumbing system.

Many other issues could impact your health, such as hard water, rusting water heaters, and the formation of molds. Wilco Plumbing is happy to offer solutions for a variety of plumbing problems, including leak detection, faucet repair, pipe repair, and leak detection. Get immediate assistance by contacting us.

Plumbing Facts

  • Without a functioning plumbing system, a house is unlivable.
  • The P-trap isn’t just for preventing clogging but also to stop sewage smells from entering your home.
  • CPVC, or chlorinated vinyl chloride, is one of the most popular plumbing pipes.
  • Drain clogging is a common problem in nearly all households due to hair and grease.
  • Your house has two plumbing systems: freshwater and wastewater. These systems must not overlap, or wastewater can pollute your tap water.
  • It is not possible to just install any p trap in your home. Based on the country’s plumbing regulations and rules, there is a minimum size requirement.
  • A low-flush toilet can help you save nearly 20,000 gallons per year.
  • Plumbers use O-rings, a special wire that seals plumbing components.
  • Insulating your home water pipes can decrease the time it takes to heat water. Insulated pipes retain heat better than non-insulated pipes.
  • To prevent water from entering the fixture, you can place separate stop valves within each plumbing fixture. This will prevent water waste from being created by parents when their children play with the faucet.
  • “Hard water” refers to water that is so full of minerals that it can quickly deteriorate water fixtures.

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