Why the Design-Build Process Is So Important

What if you could have less stress, control costs, and ensure you end up with a remodel you want to keep? Working with a design and build firm to handle your remodel is the all-inclusive solution more and more homeowners are seeking. Instead of hiring an architect and a contractor separately, you can hire a design and build firm to cover your entire project, from the initial design through final construction.

This process is designed to make your remodel a success. Design and build means that from the start of your project both your design and contracting work come from the same team so that everyone is fully prepared to make your remodel a winning investment in your home. This is the time when your expectations can be clearly communicated, as well as allowing your designer/contractor team to clarify the process, price, and end goals.

Design gets the remodeling process started in the right direction. This means you’re working with a team of individuals (such as a designer, project manager, and/or site supervisor) who are all aware of your goals. This team works with you and with one another from the start, making sure everyone is working toward the same end.

If done properly you should have less stress throughout the process because you’ve completed the design up-front. There are often hundreds of items that need to be addressed to complete a remodel in any given space. Design and build means that at the very beginning of the project you look at the space you want to remodel and write down every single aspect that will be affected. Going through these details from the start means there is less stress later on. Your questions have been answered, and so have your contractor’s.

You will have better control of costs. Remodeling costs are hard to gauge when there are no specifics to go on. Without a design an estimate is merely a very rough ballpark. Once you have an actual design in hand, the costs of remodeling your space will quite simply be much more accurate!

It means thoughtful, thorough, and careful planning for your project, typically increasing the cost of a remodel by just 5%. If you’re going to remodel, do it right!

Design and build allows you the benefit of remodeling a room or adding space with the confidence that you’ll enjoy your investment for years to come!

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