Tips On Safe Asbestos Roof Removal

Removing asbestos is quite a hard task, especially because of the risks that come with exposure. This is despite the fact that asbestos is a fibrous mineral with great properties. It’s a very strong and durable material, a good insulator, and can help in fireproofing.

Due to its many useful benefits, asbestos was used widely in building of houses and offices in the late 1930s to the 1970s. Its use was banned because the material was found to cause serious irreversible health conditions. Asbestos material can be harmless only if it isn’t disturbed.

If you have any roof in your home made of asbestos which is in good condition, you shouldn’t tamper with it. This is because it cannot emit the harmful fibres into the open air. Try as much as possible not to disturb the roof. If the roof is cracked and is in bad condition, then it’s important to remove it in order to be safe.

Here are tips to help ensure safe asbestos roof removal:

Follow The Regulations

Asbestos removal in Australia is highly regulated. There are agencies and laws that govern the removal of all types asbestos. These laws ensure that asbestos is correctly removed and the waste is disposed appropriately.

Asbestos Removal

Removing a roof with asbestos material is a risky task and all the necessary safety measures should be taken. It’s essential to have a licensed contractor to carry out this task. The contractor should always be in the appropriate protective gear.

Hire A Contractor

There are several steps to take which will help you hire the best removal contractor:

– The Victorian Trades Hall Council has a list of licensed asbestos removal contractors. You can get the list from them and choose a suitable contractor.

– You can also contact the Better Business Bureau to find out whether your chosen contractor has a good track record from previous jobs. This will help you work with a good contractor.

– The contractor should provide you with a written contract that will give you details of what the work entails.

– Talk to your local health department or the Occupational Safety and Health agency regarding administration of the laws and regulations of hiring a removal contractor.

– During the removal process, ensure that the contractor applies enough water to the material containing asbestos to reduce chances of fibres getting airborne. Also ensure that the materials are not being broken to smaller pieces as this may release fibres into the air.

– After all the work is done, ensure that the house is well cleaned by use of wet mops, rags and sponges. Using a vacuum cleaner is highly discouraged.

These tips will help you ensure that asbestos removal in your premises is safely done and no further damages or contamination occurs. You will also be able to renovate your roof if it needs to be renovated. In fact, it would be well worth your while to select a contractor that is highly professional and well versed in renovation practises, so that the removal process is done in a manner that doesn’t affect other structures of your house.

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