Top 5 Causes For Roof Damage As Per Roofing Contractors

A roof is one of the most essential elements of any house. A faulty roof can invite a great deal of other problems for not just your home but also for those living in the house. Every year, hundreds of homeowners call a roofing contractor for roof repairs. There are a number of things which tend to weaken a roof and before getting these damages repaired, it is always best to get them inspected by a contractor.

Often people ignore the various underlying causes of roof damage which ultimately leads to bigger problems in the future. Given below are some common causes of roof damage.

1. Poor Maintenance – By ignoring regular inspection and maintenance checks on your roof, you will actually end up ignoring various problems, damages and leaks. At an earlier stage, all these can get repaired at little or no cost. However, procrastination their repair simply transforms them from a minor problem to huge damage.

2. Hail Damage – A severe hailstorm can dislodge the granules from the shingle’s surface ultimately compromising the roof. These coloured granules protect the asphalt layer that’s present below the shingles from sun’s exposure. Absence of these granules can pave way for UV rays which can then quickly attack asphalt layer.

3. Wind Damage – Wind can loosen the shingles, nails and other roofing material that’s present on it. In such situations, a moderate blow of wind also has the power to lift those already loosen shingles leading to major damage. Roof repair happens mostly because of wind and hail which bring severe damage to the roof.

4. Other Weather Conditions – Almost all traditional singles get affected by Mother Nature. Colours and materials of almost all roofs get damaged gradually by Sun, snow, rain, ice and humidity. Harsh pollutants and chemicals that are present in the air also breakdown the material which is present as the component of shingles.

5. Improper Installation – Getting the roof installed, repaired or replaced by an experienced roofing contractor is extremely important. In fact, it can make a huge difference as roofs that are improperly installed bring nothing but leverage on the part of security. Roof repair should always be done by trained people.

With time, roofs get damaged and hence as a homeowner it’s your responsibility to carry out regular maintenance checks to get an overall idea about the condition of the roof. In case you find anything wrong with your roof, call a professional roofing contractor immediately.

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