10 Tips To Improve Your Home’s Security

As per statistics in United States a home burglary occurs every 14.6 seconds. More than 2.1 million burglaries have been reported in the United States in the year 2012. That’s one every 15 seconds approximately, according to the FBI, proving just how easy it is for burglars to gain entry.

It is important for you to protect your home and the people and belongings within it, but a monthly home security system is outside your budget. Don’t worry! There are lots of inexpensive ways to make your home less attractive to burglars and thieves.

Take some time out of you busy schedule and see if your home passes these 10 tips.

1. Hold a household meeting – Make home security a habit, with every member of the household-including kids-agreeing to a routine where you use door and window locks. Teach the kids not to open the door to uninvited or unwelcome visitors. Be sure to lock the garage door. Make a habit of using the alarm system all the time, even when you take a quick trip to the local store or visit next-door neighbors.

2. Call the police – Many municipal police departments offer complimentary home inspections. The process includes an officer who would walk through your home and recommends simple, cost-effective changes to make you home security system better.

3. Replace weak locks – Locks are the weakest point on your door. Make sure you have either a grade 1 or grade 2 deadbolt locks that penetrate the frame of the door. It is not necessary to get one at a specialty locksmith. These deadbolt locks can be purchased at a big-box home store. The strike plate-the stationary piece which the bolt enters-must be heavy duty, made of solid metal or brass, with six three-inch-long screws that penetrate the door jamb and the door frame. Call a local locksmith (you may Google for one with your area name like “professional locksmith weston” and select the one with best ratings and testimonials).

4. Eliminate hiding spots – It is important to Trim and prune plantings. If your shrubbery is too tall, very bushy or not well spaced, you are providing a nice hiding spot for potential thieves and burglar.

5. Check windows – Are the locks on your windows operable? If not, then it is time get them fixed or replace them immediately. Also consider installing aftermarket window locks. These are meant to let you open the window a few inches while still keeping it secure. Another alternative is to use inexpensive window-break alarms.

6. Install timers – When you leave your home for work or for appointments or while going on a vacation, you can create a “someone’s at home” look by using timers on lights and televisions. There are lots of gadgets available for this purpose.

7. Remove the ‘hidden’ house key – Hidden keys under the mat, inside the mailbox, beneath a rock could be an open invitation to the burglars. Remove the hidden key and give it to a trusted neighbor instead.

8. Place keys and garage-door remotes in a smart spot – Do not leave car and house keys or remotes near the door or otherwise visible places inside your house. Try to secure them inside a cabinet or a drawer to keep them hidden.

9. Lock up the ladder – Do not keep a ladder outside. A burglar or a thief can posing as a handyman or contractor and could use it to gain access to a second-floor window or balcony.

10. Secure air conditioning units – Unsecured window air conditioning systems could provide an easy access point for a burglar. Use an air conditioner bracket, sliding window lock, or corner braces.

The above tips can make your home security system better and your life easier and safer at a very reasonable cost.

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