CCTV And How It Can Be Used

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television can be defined as a video monitoring system that greatly enhances the security in any given setting. This kind of monitoring has been around for years and was used first in the observation of rocket launching by Siemens AG in Peenemunde Germany. The systems work with strategically placed video cameras designed to capture footage before broadcasting the same to a closed network of monitors. It can be for real time viewing or video recorded for referencing at a later date.

Over the years, CCTV cameras are now used to increase surveillance and security at homes, businesses, schools and even government buildings. They can now be used in any given area where there is a need to improve security. Here are some of the settings in which the system is used today.

Traffic monitoring – The systems are now being installed to monitor the flow of traffic on major roads and highways and also to watch out for any reckless and aggressive driving that could be dangerous. Such systems also make it possible to get the details of vehicle wrecks and crashes since it is easy to see what really happened. So apart from getting your ticket without necessarily being pulled over, you will be accountable for reckless driving thanks to the cameras.

Home Security – Homeowners understand the importance of keeping what matters to them safer. The CCTV systems are now being installed in homes at a rapid rate to protect against vandalism burglaries and trespassing. Even though the cameras do not play a role in physically preventing the crime from occurring, they are amazing deterrents since criminals think twice before approaching a home that has surveillance that could blow their cover. In homes, the cameras are also being used to keep an eye on nannies and baby-sitters. There are undercover cameras designed to look like ordinary household items or objects to monitor child treatment and general security of belongings when the owner is away.

Public transportation – The cameras are installed at stations and depots and on busses, taxis, trains and subways. The video monitoring helps in deterring crimes against drivers, conductors and passengers and also serve as video evidence in case an event occurs and prosecution is necessary.

Surveillance in business – Business owners are not only using CCTV systems to deter crime but to also monitor employees. They can be used in any kind of business including offices, banks, restaurants and even retail stores. The most common areas where the cameras are placed in businesses include the storage rooms, back offices and money handling areas as well as sales floors. They help in keeping misconducts at bay, vandalism and theft. This kind of surveillance is also beneficial even when the businesses are closed.

School protection – Considering that there is no single place safe from crime, even modern schools are now using CCTV systems to offer protection in schools. The cameras are also installed to monitor student flow and classroom conduct. They also help identify potential incidents on auditoriums, gymnasiums, parking lots and cafeterias. Drug use, fights, graffiti and vandalism are some of the offenses that CCTV cameras can help curb.

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