How To Protect Your Home in a Dodgy Neighbourhood

Do you live in a dodgy neighbourhood? Chances are, you’ve bought your house because it is your dream home and properly values are only on the incline in the area. However, with it may come with some unsavoury neighbours, or people that hang around the area.

What’s the best way to keep your family and your contents safe when the outside might not be that safe? We take a look today at some of the top tips for giving you peace of mind while at home, and while out.

Install security roller shutters

The best way to keep people out of your home is by using a barrier method to keep them from getting in in the first place. Glass windows can be broken, and grates can even be removed with a little bit of effort. The best way to provide total peace of mind for your security is to install exterior window shutters on all of your windows. Keep them closed at night, whenever you’re feeling unsafe, or when you leave the house or go on holidays.

Install a security alarm

With most security alarm systems, if the alarm is triggered and not deactivated quickly, a security team will be at your house in just a matter of minutes. For most security alarm packages you can even add personal alarms that you can wear, which can trigger an alarm event whenever you feel threatened. The costs are ongoing, so shop around before settling on a company you like.

Join the local Neighbourhood Watch

Look out for your fellow neighbours, and have them look out for you too. If you don’t know your neighbours then the chances are if someone is breaking into your home then they won’t even realise that it’s happening – because they don’t know who lives there! Meet all your neighbours and become involved in the local Neighbourhood Watch to find safety in numbers.

Lock up all your valuables at night

Now, we know it may be a little difficult to lock up your big screen TV, but for smaller valuables, including jewellery, passports, and cash, locking up is a good way to go. You can find small safes to install in your home that will discourage any would be thieves from grabbing your valuables. For a small outlay, it will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

Stay safe and stay vigilant! Make sure to protect your home and family from intruders and you will feel a lot more comfortable in your home – no matter what suburb you’re living in.

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