A Heavy Duty Tent Makes Sense Beyond Just Cents

A heavy duty tent can sometimes be seen as nothing more than a cheap solution for a work site or storage. The truth is, however, that these temporary structures actually come with a lot of wonderful advantages that you may not realize.

This first thing is the misnomer of the word temporary. Yes, these types of structures are often used for a short duration on work sites but they can also easily last 10 to 20 years as a long-term storage solution. Many supply stores will even guarantee them for that long. The reason they are called temporary, though, is just another benefit hidden in disguise.

What people usually mean when they say temporary is that these canopies are easy to set up quickly. Smaller varieties can be assembled in a few hours with only two or three people using simple hand tools. The larger versions may require lifting equipment and a professional crew, but will still be up and operational in a couple of days.

One of the main reasons they are so easy to set up is the fact that these structures do not require a foundation to be laid. Not having to wait for a foundation to be poured and set speeds up construction and lowers costs. But really, it does both of those in a different way as well. By not having a foundation, a heavy duty tent is usually not subject to permit approval. Be sure to check with your local governing agency to determine what is required in your area.

Another advantage that is not present with more traditional, fixed structures is portability. Tents can be disassembled in about half the time it took to construct them and relocated somewhere to be used again. Better yet, some units can even be fitted with wheels and simply rolled to their new location. If you no longer require the structure, you can sell it. The only way to sell a permanent building is to sell the land it is sitting on too, which is usually not ideal.

The interior of a heavy duty tent is yet one more advantage over other storage options. Each one has a clear span, meaning there are no columns taking up usable space. Additionally the fabric allows for natural light to fill the entire area without the use of windows. The units are plenty bright during the day to not require lighting so, depending on its intended usage, you may not even have to run electric to it at all.

Whether you only need a short-term rental or require something more lasting, a heavy duty tent is a great choice for many reasons aside from the price. Though the price is definitely a selling point!

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