How to Fix a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are wonderful products of modern technology that allow you to enter and exit the garage with just a push of the button. Gone are the days of exiting your vehicle to manually open and close the unit. Sometimes, however, openers fail and you may be wondering what you can do about it. Openers sometimes have sensors attached to brackets, aligned with the base of the door that can tell when something is in the path of the door. If there is something blocking a sensor it won’t close. These are a safety feature. If you are having trouble beyond the sensors review this list.

1) Check to make sure that the cord of the opener is plugged into a live electrical outlet. Without power the opener will not be able to open the unit. If it is plugged in but has no power, you may need an electrician.

2) Let 15 minutes go by for the motor to cool and then test the door again. If you do not let the motor rest between attempts, it can overheat and fry the system.

3) Next, try testing the beam of the sensor to make sure that it is aligned with the manufacturer’s instruction. Make sure that nothing is blocking it, such as cobwebs. Adjust the sensors by moving them and then retest the door. It is easy for a sensor to get knocked out of alignment.

4) Check for connections that are loose if the remote control for the opener works but not the button. Next, you need to change any sockets or plugs that have been worn out.

5) If after trying all these, nothing has worked, you may simply need to change the battery on your remote.

6) Make sure that the antenna is placed properly. A poorly attached antenna could disrupt the signal required to open the door.

7) If the door opener is working but the door is not, perhaps you need to check the gears and sprockets of your opener. Check with the manufacturer to see what is required before you troubleshoot the gears and sprockets.

8) If the door works on its own, you need to check the button. If the button is jammed, it could be causing the problems.

9) If the remote control operates other people’s doors, you may need to change the frequency of your remote control and the door of the garage.

10) Lastly, you need to check if there are obstructions to your door. You may also need to increase the force by which the unit closes. You can increase the tension in the springs by adjusting the screws one at a time.

Garage openers are a godsend for most people. Additionally, no one gives a second thought to the opener until it malfunctions. It’s important to keep up with the maintenance of the door opener to ensure that your garage unit works smoothly.

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