New and Innovative Features for Garages

Garages don’t need to be dingy and unorganized. A renovation project can add new features to the exterior to make it more efficient and user-friendly. Explore your options when you want to make over this area and choose the designs that will enable you to use it for storage and working on hobbies and projects.

Roof Trusses

Storage is a fundamental consideration when redesigning. While you have plenty of options for creating just the perfect way to stow your gear, do not overlook the obvious – the attic. Typically, the roof will be supported by standard trusses that are inexpensive. However, an upgrade to stronger trusses can expand your storage potential exponentially. Storage trusses are stronger and they enable you to transform an attic to a useful area for shelving, boxes, bins, and off-season gear.

Additional Doors

A spiffy new garage door will probably be high on your list to add to the function and design of the space. As you overhaul this area, don’t forget to add more function to the area with a standard door that leads out to your back or side yard. This additional door will simplify your route as you move in and out of the structure and around your property.

Adding Windows

Natural light is always a benefit, whether in the home or in the garage. Add at least one or two windows to make the area more appealing. Windows can be especially helpful if you will use the space for working on projects.

Storage Options

You have several other options to consider. Modular storage involves cabinets both above and below a countertop work surface. These cabinets will enable you to stow materials, tools, gear, and gadgets out of sight while maintaining easy access. Additional storage features to consider include hooks on walls to hold landscaping tools such as rakes and shovels. Shelving can be effective and economical for storing tools and other items. Consider special hooks for stowing bicycles out of the way. The options you choose should match how you use items. Keep frequently used items within easy access and move things you use less frequently to more remote areas.

Workspace Options

Pursuing a hobby will necessitate the creation of a workspace. A basic countertop, similar to what you would have in a kitchen, will serve most purposes. You might be able to find a second-hand kitchen countertop to install. Depending on the type of work you perform, consider adding a vise to the countertop.

Electrical Power and Lighting

The electrical power needed in garages will depend on how you use the space. Add sufficient power outlets to ensure that you have sufficient outlets where you need them. Consider lighting as well to ensure that you have enough fixtures to illuminate the area. Fluorescent light fixtures typically provide effective and economic task and overall lighting.

Garages can become pleasant spaces when you consider the features you want to incorporate. Design a work and storage space that fits your needs and budget.

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